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Nozzle in ready for cover
Alum Work boat
Stb kort shaft in engine room
Larry and I moving shaft into engine room
Kort nozzle and Larry
The whole ship needed everything. There was 3 of us that worked on it full time Capt Kirk Purvis, Larry Hitchcock and me Gary Stookey.. The Admiral Bob Whipple was the dreamer that made us do all this.
We worked for 6 years spending millions i bet. We would get a idea from Bob on what he wanted and hash it over and then start building. He would come up with what ever you would need to build it. Well there would be the follow up on where is the steel or what ever and phone calls to expedite or locate the item. After building the part and tacking them down to where you wanted it, making sure that some welder guy can't screw it up by welding it all at once you can find your favorite guy to do the grunt work of laying down some bead. I liked to weld so i did alot myself. But fitting is more important to getting the Boat done. There seems to be a limited number of guys who can design and build a winch, pumping system for water, fuel, hydraulics. Maybe the crane on the rear deck. The fuel lines are 2 1/2" for most . But they get smaller as you get to the engines. The day tank held 2000 gallons which we filled with a centrifuge to make sure it was clean and water free. Then there is the return tank that every engine dumped the unused fuel into, then it could cool off and drain into the day tank. It was filtered before the main engines with some large navy filters, and even had secondary spin ons. The Gen sets got their fuel from the return cooling tank, since it was close by and gravity fed to the generator deck. We had 2ea 100 KW, and a 40KW, and a 200KW for the fire pump. That ran a 200 HP electric pump that fired the monitors for the neat sprinkler on the upper decks
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DC3 Lodi
White Kitty
White Kitty
Larry Kort
almost ready
Engine Room
Port Kort Nozzle
Gen sets 40 KW
Capt Kirk and
Larry Termnitor
Port Tranny
The Boat sank on Jan 27 1992 after hitting a ship at sea. It was a nice night for a swim
We were about 27 miles off the Calif coast in a stormy nasty night.
Plating up some
of the bottom