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The GS-3 antenna is quite different than the DK-3 style antenna. After building the DK-3 type for a few years, I designed one that would last longer. The GS-3 has no coil cover. It can handle higher power. The larger diameter coil offers a higher Q. The antenna doesn't change length and will not wear the coil out with the heavy coil moving against the finger stock all the time.
The coil is wound using #14 wire and is wrapped with 6 layers of fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin. The wire spacing is 8 turns per inch. The antenna is center loaded. The base tube is 2 inch 6061 aluminum tube and is powder painted black. The drive motor uses a clutch so overruning the coil wiper will not damage the antenna. The antenna has an indicator making it easy to see what band the antenna is near.
I have tried many different methods of matching, shunt coil and toroid and other users are using a capacitor box. I supply a toroid or the shunt coil.
The coil is13 inches in length and the base tube is 31 inches long. The whip can be almost any length. I use one that is 66 inches. The combination of Cap Hats and a shorter whip works, too. A longer length whip makes the antenna more efficient.
The model 160 has a 3 inch coil that is 18 inches long. The coil is wound using #16 wire at 10 turns per inch. No test data is available at this time. I also make 4 inch 160 that is13 inches long. This model will handle 500 watts like all others.
I use plastic for the top of the coil to reduce the detuning and the Q loss that a metal piece would cause. There is a brass piece that has a 3/8 x 24 thread for the whip to screw into.
All antennas have a 3/8 x 24 tpi female base .
I can make a insulated base that has a 1/2" stainless bolt so you can bolt it to a grounded mount, then you can put the RF hot wire to the bottom screw on the antenna. This nice idea will cost $20 more dollars
Tests made in 1994
Gary Stookey KI7SD
Model40 Meters80 Meters160 Meters
GS-2 2 inch coil 68 Kz 19 Kz
GS-3 3 inch coil 54 Kz 15 Kz.
DK-3 3 inch coil glass coil 69Kz 25 Kz.
DK-3 3 inch coil PVC coil 116 Kz 30 Kz7 Kz
2-1 SWR bandwidth
GS2 $375 2 inch coil
GS3 $485 3 inch coil 13" length OAL 45"
GS4 $600 4 inch coil 9" length
GS3 160 $525 3 inch coil 18" length
GS4 160 $650 4 inch coil 13" length
GS4 $700 4 inch coil 9" length SSteel
GS3 $585 3 inch coil 13" length SSteel
GS3 $475 3 inch coil 8" length Short Aluminum